Computer Class

The computer rooms vary from level to level. In the 6th grade computer room, going down 3 rows of 2 computers each, we find 32 computers overall. The teacher sits at the front of the class facing the students. The 7th and 8th grade computer class contains 6 groups of 5 computers each varying in position around the room. The teacher here walks around the room instructing on a more hands on basis due to the subject being taught. The utility computer room puts the teacher in the middle of the class, with 2 rows of 4 and 5 computers to the left and right, and 3 rows of 4 computers in the front.

Learning about computers at Horizon is a multiple year journey that takes time and practice. The curriculum is based on three classes corresponding to the three grade levels. Through the courses the student will learn not only the basics in Microsoft, but continue on to learn more advanced software in the Macromedia programs. With this knowledge in hand, students leaving will have the experience of basic computer skills needed for high school.

6th grade computers- The 6th grade computer curriculum consist of Microsoft office and Macromedia Programs. The first nine weeks of the year, the students learn the basics of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. As experience with computers start to settle in, the instructor begins the next nine weeks working with Macromedia Fireworks. Learning the graphics and word document process is the main focus for introductory computer students. Using these tools, students will be better off in further computer classes.

7th grade computers- 7th grade computer curriculum consist of further study in the Macromedia Programs. The first nine weeks of the class, the students learn the more advanced skills of Macromedia Dreamweaver. Using this webpage builder, the student is allowed the opportunity to construct his/her own website. The opening of the second nine weeks draws in the Macromedia Graphics element of the course. This consists of programs like Fireworks and Flash, where students learn of ways to produce basic animation.

8th grade computers- The 8th grade computer class begins the passage into basic computer programming. The curriculum begins with the computer program Alice. Alice is an object orientated program based on 3-D Java images able to move, talk, etc. As the year picks up, the class moves to a 2-D based program, Scratch. Scratch teaches the students the Smalltalk based programming. Both programs are free to download and are produced by Carnegie Mellon and MIT. By the end of the 8th grade year the students have learned the basic programming methods.